We need a leadership miracle.

I wrote this book because I did not know what to do with the frustration I feel about the lack of leadership in the world today regarding the things I value most: health and wellness. How we produce food, how we care for the environment, how we handle disease and how we refuse to address the conditions that create disease in our country and culture are the issues that my energy is focused on improving.

I believe it is a special time in history that should not be squandered.

We know more than we ever have.

We can share information more easily than ever.

The world should be moving rapidly in a more positive direction than it is.

But is not. And I believe the only reason is that we lack leadership to bring all the advantages knowledge and technology that we have won into the hands of people all over the world.

Consider spending 35 minutes with me.

It’ll cost you $3.95 here on  Audible.

Or in Hardback here.

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