How to powerfully improve your immune system quickly?

Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.

In our space here on The Modern Revolution we will talk about how




We need a Modern Revolution in how we grow our food, prepare our food and eat. We invite any-and-all who are concerned in this same way to send us writing to share here. We are seeking Naturopathic Physicians, Urban Farmers, Health Coaches, Bee Keepers, Backyard Chicken Keepers, Farmers’ Market Participants and others who are concerned about the relationship between good nourishment and good health.

Depression, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and obesity are present in epidemic proportions and are growing. Modern drugs and medicine are keeping people alive longer but their quality of life is greatly reduced by completely preventable diseases. As human beings, we are all governed by nature’s laws. Indeed, very little reflection is needed to remember that we are not above the natural laws that govern the planet and the universe.

The Law of Cause and Effect


Newton’s Third Law (for every action, there is an equal reaction)

all document that choices come with consequences.

If you are here, you likely agree: Good nutrition is important: the body the essential nutrients they need to work properly, grow and stay healthy. It is a natural law that proper nourishment is the sinlgle most effective avenue to avoid the lifestyle disease which are rapidly becoming a plague for us as a country and world.

The United States is in the midst of a great and terrible experiment proving that certain dietary choices carry the consequences of cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Many people continue eating habits that are contrary to their good health, until the consequences show up.  And then go to their doctor who typically has 7-10 minutes of time to be helpful.

With no malice, most Doctors use the tools available they believe will have the biggest impact with the greatest chance of compliance. Can anyone address the intricate conditions of why a person eats in the manner they do – in 10 minutes – with any hope of compliance?

The Big Pharma culture of the “magical pill” that masks unpleasant symptoms while allowing people to continue to do all the things they’ve been doing – is sadly, deeply rooted in our current time. We will discuss the economic realities of this system in many short, clear worded entries in this blog. But – for now –  as a reminder: Diabetes is a $322 Billion a year industry.

This system is making some people rich.

Do these people want to see our food growing – food preparing – food eating status quo change?

We Need A Modern Revolution.

We are Going to Talk About Here.

And Get to Work Out There.

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