3 Office Christmas Party Weight Gain Traps

It’s Christmas Office Party Season and the sense of social obligation to accept the cookies, candy and to spend the two drink tickets are upon most of us. The season is hard enough without the social pressure of appearing to be a humbug if you do not participate fully in the eating aspect of the holiday party season. Here are three quick reminders to minimize the weight gain pitfalls of these social situtaions.

  1. Just because it is there, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. People often want to show their love with food. And many feel obligated to both accept consume all the culinary affections coming from their family and friends. While total abstinence from the treats of the season is not necessary, decide ahead of time how you will handle the inevitable gifts that are coming your way. Don’t eat everything sent your way just because you would feel it rude to do otherwise.
  2. Mind your alcohol. We all know that alcohol is a key factor in weight gain. Just like the candy, cupcakes, cookies and pie that will fill the next few weeks, so will drink tickets and holiday parties full of toasts and – and maybe shots? The key: don’t let your alcohol consumption become mindless. Make sure you have decided ahead of time how many drinks you are going to have. Waiting until the social situation presents itself is a sure way to drink much more than you intended.
  3. Don’t let the buffet have its way with you. Food is going to be available in nearly endless quantities for many people this season. And some will return to the buffet line at Christmas parties simply to have something to do in these social circumstances that are not always 100% comfortable. Again, plan ahead of time for what your limit will be when you go to parties who intend to celebrate their guests with enormous banquets.

It is a tremendously joyous time of year. Celebrate fully. Planning your limits for eating and drinking will in no way diminish your celebrations. But they will diminish regrets about going into the new year with unnecessarily gained weight.


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