Clever or Not You’re Ready

My mom says I am smart, but that I am not clever.

I am sure I am not smart enough to know what she means ? but I have thought about her description often over the years.

My thinking is not elegant. I don’t come to conclusions with deft

? deductive

? Sherlock Holms-ian clarity.

I have go over and under and around and through ideas

And then I need to feel the idea in practice.

I am a reader ? I enjoy learning ? but I only learn lessons after feeling the consequences of screwing something up or the pleasure of bringing something beautiful into the world.

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Needful Things

I have a very particular style of home improvement.

My instincts attune to the whatever is the easiest, most efficient route

And I travel that path only after exhausting every single difficult road first.

I come from a family who deeply values language and we look for metaphors everywhere

But we’ll save the obvious corollaries to my life for another, longer podcast.

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