The Teeny Tiny Charms Will Challenge the Food System by Growing Grace Farms in Chandler, AZ!


You can purchase them here.


We believe – as so many of you do – that food is either your safest medicine or slowest poison.

Rather than create a Kickstarter program to raise money to build a new local food hub in Chandler, AZ Grace Farms created The Teen Tiny Charms project.

The goal of this fundraising project is to raise money to build three things:

  1. A Small Scale Farm that will raise fruits, vegetables and livestock in an integrated manner.
  2. A Farm-To-Table Restaurant serving the food grown on-site.
  3. A venue to host special events designed to bring attention to the health benefits.
  4. To create a business model of how locally grown food can create a new form of economic development and a positive public health force.

Our goal is to affect the health of our community by creating a local food supply that successfully competes with the industrialized food supply that currently provides the food consumed in our community.

We are off to a humble, but exciting start to achieving our goals. Although we do not currently own land to bring our ambitions to life, we are still pressing on by bringing the vision to the community on leased property.

When we build our venue in the future, we will have regular Pop-Up Dinners featuring the most talented local chefs highlighting the incredible food grown nearby. Here are two  videos of one of our Pop-Up Dinners that we run on our leased property.:

On our own land we will build a market that will create a daily farmers market for people to obtain the healthiest and most flavorful local food. Until then, we created a Weekly Green Box that brings together all the great local agriculture in a box that includes whole plants, a recipe and the ingredients to make that recipe at home. Here is a glimpse into our weekly subscription program.

We also have a program called The Body Restoration Program that coaches people through a 6 month curriculum that is designed to give them a better unerstanding of how to achieve optimal health.

Do you want to support this vision for a permanent facility that creates an alternative to the industrial food system?

Please share this post among like minded people. We offer Teeny Tiny works of art as our “bake sale” to raise the money to bring our vision to reality. The Teeny Tiny Bit of Sunshine is on example of the Teeny Tiny Charms. We hand-stamp each one and send it with a hand-written note expressing our gratitude and wishing your life by full of grace.

We hope you buy them to give away to your loved ones as a way to make sure they always have a reminder of your affection for them


You can purchase them here.


And for fun, we made this video yo explain how our chickens lay eggs:


You can donate $3 to feed the chickens of Grace Farms here.