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We need a Modern Revolution.


What are the Emunctories and How does the Body Detox?

The body doesn’t get enough credit for just how effective it is at detoxifying and filtering out all the impurities, foreign bodies, and potentially hazardous substances that enter it from various sources (mainly through our own voluntary consumption).  From eating and drinking to breathing and absorbing toxins, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to keep us healthy.

The detoxifying starts with the primary emunctories, also known as the liver, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and kidneys.  All of these important areas do their part to remove toxins floating around in our blood, air, digestive fluids, and urine.

Detox Teamwork

Toxins can put the body into disarray if allowed to build up to significant levels.  This could happen if your emunctories are affected by disease or illness.  Here’s how each major emunctory fits into their role:

  • Liver: This is the hardest working detoxifier of the bunch. The Liver filters out any toxins that entered in liquid or solid form into the body.  When alcohol is abused, the liver becomes overwhelmed with filtering out all the alcohol and starts to slowly die from exertion.
  • Lungs: Thousands of tiny little air sacs work hard to capture toxic particles before they are absorbed into the blood stream. It often goes unrealized as to just how much work the lungs do.
  • GI Tract: The entirety of the gastrointestinal system is filled with bacteria that work to filter out organic and inorganic matter to prevent toxins from building up or entering the blood stream. The colon takes the brunt of the toxic filtering, which is why it is so susceptible to disease and illness.
  • Kidneys: Another key player in the chain of detoxifying, the kidney is an organ that never rests. It is constantly filtering the blood and removing toxins to be released when we urinate.  The kidneys only make themselves known when bruised from the outside or when toxin buildup has produced inflammation or painful byproducts like kidney stones.

Toxic Invaders

When we talk about all the toxins that the body removes, there are multiple kinds that are being removed.  The most common toxins we associate the word with are environmental, like smoke, pollution, and pesticides.  There are other forms of toxins, too, like bacterial toxins that attack the body and create byproducts that do damage to your organs.  Heavy metal toxins sound like they would be the rarest, but they are found all over the place: in the air, water, and foods.

Some of them occur naturally in our foods, like dark green vegetables, but because these can take a toll on the emunctories, we must be vigilant and detox ourselves regularly to help reduce build-up of these toxins.

Detoxifying is a great way to increase the health of our entire bodies, not just our skin, which is a common signifier that we notice when we have a buildup of toxins, due to the absorbent nature.  Detoxing is also a way for chronic illness sufferers to manage their pain and/or discomfort.


What Does it it Mean to “Detox?”

Your DNA are not engraved stone tablets.

Every moment – of every day – they are in constant communication with your thoughts, your environment, what you eat, what you drink and the very air you breathe.

How your genes are expressed are connected to all those subtle intersections of your physical material, your intellectual life, your social life, your physical life and your spiritual life.

In this time of year, we will hear a lot about “Detox”-ing. And I applaud the notion of cleaning out the old and making room for the new. And the we all have tremendous capacities for moving ourselves towards the best possible versions of ourselves.

Detoxification can mean many things, but to focus on removing toxins from the body, it is helpful to know how the body actually takes away the bad stuff. The “organs of elimination” are known as the Emmunctories. Since this is not a term everyone knows, we made this silly video.

The body actively will get rid of toxins through the Emmunctories. Healthy, whole foods what give the Emmunctories what they need to carry the toxins out.

If you are looking for a safe Detox – we developed a 10-day whole food protocol called the Taste Bud Boot Camp. It offers an eating road map that will help you re-shape your relationship to food. You can access it here.

Take advantage of the moment that comes with the end of one year and the beginning of a new. Tell us what you are thinking about and hoping for and wrestling with.

The Modern Revolution is just beginning.

The Health Benefits of Having Adequate Amounts of “Play” in Your Life

Heart disease is the nation’s number one cause of death.  No matter if you’re vegan or a meat eater, if you don’t get any exercise, you’re going to be at-risk later in your geriatric life, if not sooner.  As we grow older, we often forget how important playtime really is, both mentally and physically.  By scheduling a little time to dance, pass a ball around, or go for a walk, you will be lower your chance for heart attack or stroke tremendously.

The American Heart Association recommends to do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, 75 minutes of heavy exercise.  These 150 minutes are easy if you divide it up into short 30 minute sessions a few times a week, or a few 15 minute breaks to play each day.

Be Serious, But Have Fun

How you get your daily exercise is up to you.  You don’t need to join a gym or play sports, some of the simplest exercises can be the most effective forms of exercise.  If you live in an upstairs room or apartment, you can simply climb up and down the steps for 10-15 minute intervals, to start out.

Swimming for 30min to an hour just a few times a week is very effective, and fun!  Try picking up a Nintendo Wii, if you’re looking for a fun indoor activity by yourself or with family.  They won’t even know that your plan was to fight against cardiovascular diseases, unless you want to pass the healthy bug along to them.

Baby Steps

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with incorporating exercise into your daily routine, just remember that any little bit of introduced playtime will help.  Good habits must be formed gradually, otherwise the rebel in us all will naturally find ways of avoiding change.  Try brief spurts of activity, like getting up and doing a few jumping jacks, push-ups, and/or sit-ups in-between work.  15min breaks are perfect for getting some exercise in and increasing your energy levels to get through the day.

Benefits to Older Adults

These health recommendations can really improve the overall quality of life for those who are getting into their later years where serious health problems and diseases start to weigh heavy on the mind.  If you feel like your physical health is lacking in strength, stamina, or flexibility, you should consider adding more playtime back into your life.

By working on doing moderate levels of activity at regular intervals, you will notice changes within the first week, such as: improvement in overall mood, reduced pain in joints, back, and neck, stronger sense of balance (reducing chances of injury), and of course increases in strength, making everyday tasks easier to perform.

Approach this new level of activity with a plan and don’t overexert yourself, of course.  If you feel like you’re battling procrastination or de-motivational thoughts all the time, try to find someone who will join you in your mini-exercise sessions.  Make a friendly game of competition out of it through the use of activity tracker apps.

How to powerfully improve your immune system quickly?

Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.

In our space here on The Modern Revolution we will talk about how




We need a Modern Revolution in how we grow our food, prepare our food and eat. We invite any-and-all who are concerned in this same way to send us writing to share here. We are seeking Naturopathic Physicians, Urban Farmers, Health Coaches, Bee Keepers, Backyard Chicken Keepers, Farmers’ Market Participants and others who are concerned about the relationship between good nourishment and good health.

Depression, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and obesity are present in epidemic proportions and are growing. Modern drugs and medicine are keeping people alive longer but their quality of life is greatly reduced by completely preventable diseases. As human beings, we are all governed by nature’s laws. Indeed, very little reflection is needed to remember that we are not above the natural laws that govern the planet and the universe.

The Law of Cause and Effect


Newton’s Third Law (for every action, there is an equal reaction)

all document that choices come with consequences.

If you are here, you likely agree: Good nutrition is important: the body the essential nutrients they need to work properly, grow and stay healthy. It is a natural law that proper nourishment is the sinlgle most effective avenue to avoid the lifestyle disease which are rapidly becoming a plague for us as a country and world.

The United States is in the midst of a great and terrible experiment proving that certain dietary choices carry the consequences of cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Many people continue eating habits that are contrary to their good health, until the consequences show up.  And then go to their doctor who typically has 7-10 minutes of time to be helpful.

With no malice, most Doctors use the tools available they believe will have the biggest impact with the greatest chance of compliance. Can anyone address the intricate conditions of why a person eats in the manner they do – in 10 minutes – with any hope of compliance?

The Big Pharma culture of the “magical pill” that masks unpleasant symptoms while allowing people to continue to do all the things they’ve been doing – is sadly, deeply rooted in our current time. We will discuss the economic realities of this system in many short, clear worded entries in this blog. But – for now –  as a reminder: Diabetes is a $322 Billion a year industry.

This system is making some people rich.

Do these people want to see our food growing – food preparing – food eating status quo change?

We Need A Modern Revolution.

We are Going to Talk About Here.

And Get to Work Out There.

We need a leadership miracle.

I wrote this book because I did not know what to do with the frustration I feel about the lack of leadership in the world today regarding the things I value most: health and wellness. How we produce food, how we care for the environment, how we handle disease and how we refuse to address the conditions that create disease in our country and culture are the issues that my energy is focused on improving.

I believe it is a special time in history that should not be squandered.

We know more than we ever have.

We can share information more easily than ever.

The world should be moving rapidly in a more positive direction than it is.

But is not. And I believe the only reason is that we lack leadership to bring all the advantages knowledge and technology that we have won into the hands of people all over the world.

Consider spending 35 minutes with me.

It’ll cost you $3.95 here on  Audible.

Or in Hardback here.

How Loving a Pet Extends Your Life

How Loving a Pet Extends your Life

Do you know anyone who dislikes being around pets?  If you do, I would like to meet them and find out what is wrong with them because everyone should be a pet lover to some degree.  Pet owners should love their pets, because what is the point of owning one?  It turns out that loving your pet is more than just superficial attachment to cute fluffiness, too.

Studies have shown there are multiple ways in which pets can scientifically extend the years on an owners life.  These are just a few of them:

Keep the Heart Healthy

Pets improve the health of their owner’s heart just by being in their lives.  Not only the pets that are highly active outside or inside, but also the simple fact that being around someone you love increases the heartrate and keeps blood pressure levels down.

Feel Good, Unstressed

Pets are fun to pet, that’s why we pet them.  Affection is a known stress-reliever, we all need a little affection every day.  A pet is the perfect companion, they will never turn down a hug and a pet, and they will not hesitate to give you thanks to show their appreciation.  This action in of itself releases oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone that reduces stress, lowers blood pressure.

Social Bonder

Pets unite us with other pet lovers, it’s the easiest ice-breaker among strangers.  Take your dog for a walk and try not to run into another dog lover along the way.  Join a Facebook group for cat lovers and you’re set for life when it comes to finding new friends.  Pets are the glue that reminds us of the little things in life, that inner-child in all of us, and that everyone loves to be petted.

Responsibility and Fulfillment

Pets keep us humans on our toes, they depend on us to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.  Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, but the rewards are well worth the effort.  For couples who aren’t ready to have a child or a child that isn’t ready to be an adult, a pet is the perfect companion to help those along their journey.  Those who own pets find a stronger sense of purpose in their lives, because pets don’t let you sit alone and just waste the day away.  A pet will rebel in the face of boredom or neglect, that’s your wake-up call to get your act together.  That’s what a true friend does for you.

Strengthened Immunity

Some people are allergic to pets, but outside of innate allergies, pets are actually a great way to keep your immune system on alert.  Since their fur can carry a lot of foreign pathogens or spores in and out of the house, they prove to be valuable for babies and the development of their immune system.  Studies have proven that new parents with pets have lower episodes of colds, infections, and allergies.  This makes sense, considering the blowback recently from all the crazy usage of hand sanitizers.