In The Weeds

In our desert, water occasionally falls from the sky sufficiently to create Flash Floods and awaken the seeds of future tumbleweeds and voracious milk weeds.

Let me do my best to avoid the farming ? garden cliché of discussing the spiritual virtues acquired by weeding their growing soil.

Don’t trust anyone who writes about how pulling weeds freed their minds.

I am walking along the fence line of my tiny farm

looking like the world’s ugliest cheerleader

holding two massive pom-poms of freshly pulled weeds

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Clever or Not You’re Ready

My mom says I am smart, but that I am not clever.

I am sure I am not smart enough to know what she means ? but I have thought about her description often over the years.

My thinking is not elegant. I don’t come to conclusions with deft

? deductive

? Sherlock Holms-ian clarity.

I have go over and under and around and through ideas

And then I need to feel the idea in practice.

I am a reader ? I enjoy learning ? but I only learn lessons after feeling the consequences of screwing something up or the pleasure of bringing something beautiful into the world.

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New Podcast: Stinky Honey

You can now listen to Stinky Honey. Here is an exerpt:

My wife’s palate is very sharp. She can parse flavors in dishes down to the spices and the addresses of the pigs who gave their lives for the pork in our stew.

With great tasting powers come great smelling powers. Which can be a blessing and a curse.

“Honey,” she says while I have come in from working on a small farm we are shaping to lay next her for a brief moment, “you need a shower.”

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Name That Chicken!

Grace Farms wants to buy 144 chickens in March to get ready for delivering eggs to local residents in October.

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So far we have:

1. I Told You So

2. Miracle

3. Mr. Chick

4. Sherbert

5. Chick Fil-A






11. MAX





16. Indiana Jones

17. Short Round

18. Show Me the Money

19. Crispy Critter

20. Chickie’s Got the Blues

21. Peep Major 7th

22. Clara

23. Fio

24. Woodstock

26. Phyllis

27. Mojo-jojo

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